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Here is where I will try to show all the projects I've worked on and are currently working on.

Stay tuned as the site is constantly updated with more pics, videos, and other cool stuff.

Current Projects below: Scroll down for updates

67 Impala Frame Off Hydraulic Install

2005 Pontiac GTO Mods

UPDATE 4-19-07


Just a nice little donut video. Man I need to update this site.

Donuts in the GTO 6.2MB

UPDATE 9-7-06


Alright, not much time to update this yet. 2006 F250 Lariat 4x4, leather, woodgrain, chrome package, chrome option grille, 18" wheels upgrade, yada yada

UPDATE 7-20-06

67 Impala Updates

Not too many pics from this summer, but I did manage to get some 409 Stainless straight pipe put on. Its loud! I'll post up a video sometime this summer. I also swapped out the 14" wheels for some 13s. The smaller wheels lets the car sit lower and you can see more of the chrome suspension. I also cut out 1 1/2 turns on the front coils to let it lay lower. Now the bad news - A full repaint will be needed after a minor accident while the car was on the trailer to a show. Bad scratch...

2005 GTO Updates

Well there's been a good number of updates on the GTO but I haven't been able to update this site yet. I ordered HP TUNERS which is used to tune the ECM. Great program and I'll have a write up on it sometime soon. Other than that, I've de-screened the MAF added a K&N drop in and have been to the track a few times. Best time of 12.807 @ 107.94mph w/1.819 60ft in the 1/4 mile. This was on Stock 17 inch BFG tires, stock air filter and the MAF screen still intact. Not bad for a street car. I've still got some bad wants for some headers and cam or maybe just go all out with a Twin Turbo kit!! We'll see. Yesterday I swapped out the HUGE riced out Borla 5" tips for some sensible 4" Magnaflow tips. I think it looks much better without the ricer tips. What do you think? Unfortunately, it made the car a little more quiet so I think its time for some headers.

Old Borla 5" Tips

New Magnaflow 4" Tips

UPDATE 3-9-06

Videos of the Borla Cat back exhaust on my 2005 GTO

(right click "save as")

Idling, driving and burnout video with stock exhaust 3.2MB

Video during exhaust swap, no muffler, no resonator, x pipe only... 2.3MB

Idling, driving and burnout video with Borla Catback 3.6MB

UPDATE 3-4-06

Well I've been shifting gears into modding my 05 GTO(click here to see my GTO page) So far, I've gotten my Borla Catback exhaust put on and stock chrome 17s along with some GTO highlights on the rear bumper. I did buy a new set of headers for the impala though so I'll be installing those soon, getting exhaust put on and the car back on the road for spring time!! Check out the GTO page for some GTO vids of the stock exhaust, then the Borla Catback.

Some pics of my recent GTO mods

UPDATE 1-10-06

Here's some Impala pics from Fall '05. The car wasn't out very long but I still had some fun.

There were a few additions to the Joes Customs family from 3-7-05 through end of the year.

Here's my brand new 2005 Pontiac GTO! Big plans for this car in the future. Exhaust, tune, custom mods.

I love it! 400HP of tire burning Corvette 6.0L LS2 6spd power!

Also picked up an 86 Buick Regal with 87k original miles

Plans include a fuel injection motor build up with focus on gas mileage!? I've been driving this regal as an every day vehicle to work and around town and would like to get about 300HP and 20MPG out of small block chevy. That build will come summer '07 maybe...

UPDATE 3-7-05

We finally bought a house! Check out the Impala Move.

Here's a pic of my new 48x32 shop

Kids are loving the pool!

UPDATE 2-27-05

Finally got the body back on the frame. The impala is movable again. Check out the underneath


UPDATE 12-30-04

New Addition to the Family of Rides  SOLD - 2000 Cadillac DHS

DSC02299.JPG (55411 bytes)  DSC02301.JPG (51810 bytes)  DSC02302.JPG (51014 bytes)  DSC02304.JPG (56889 bytes) 

UPDATE 1-25-05

In these pics, the frame is painted up and ready to for the body.

    DSC01934.JPG (68649 bytes)    DSC01955.JPG (81182 bytes)    DSC01952.JPG (48496 bytes) 

UPDATE 8-7-04

Frame is finally wrapped! 1/4" steel on all 4 sides, then painted to match the impala!

Click pics to see larger view

DSC01910.JPG (72494 bytes) DSC01911.JPG (73517 bytes) DSC01912.JPG (71401 bytes) DSC01913.JPG (74568 bytes) DSC01914.JPG (78300 bytes)

UPDATE 6-25-04 

FINALLY picked up my chrome plating: 

More pics

DSC01686.JPG (55651 bytes) DSC01687.JPG (55161 bytes) DSC01688.JPG (62808 bytes) DSC01689.JPG (65464 bytes) DSC01690.JPG (64209 bytes) DSC01691.JPG (54125 bytes) DSC01692.JPG (61930 bytes) DSC01693.JPG (56973 bytes)

67 Impala Frame Off Hydraulic Install

passfubdniceflake.JPG (59508 bytes)  Hood1.JPG (70435 bytes)  engine3.JPG (83568 bytes)  

DSC01399.JPG (38553 bytes)  DSC01443.JPG (54856 bytes)  DSC01487.JPG (48560 bytes)  DSC01594.JPG (54216 bytes) 




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